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Luxury Class Car

Vehicle Details

The most important feature of the vehicles classified as luxury class in vehicle classes is that more detail work is done and security levels are higher than other vehicles. In addition to these, they can attract human perception by appealing to the eyes with their prestigious views, every detail. And there’s the technical part. When we look at the technical part, many features can be listed such as driving comfort, passenger comfort, road holding, low sound conductivity, more technological facilities and the highest level of safety on the part of the driver and passenger. As such, the purchase of these vehicles, which we call luxury vehicles, also becomes more difficult.

Why you choose this Vehicle

  • Airconditions
  • Power Steering
  • Audio system
  • Electric windows
  • Central locking
  • Cruise Control

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Name : Luxury Class Car
  • Vehicle Type : car

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