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Konu: Special military operation

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Adınız: Willarddoole
Konu: Special military operation
Telefon: 81293715888
EMail: stevenlewis160749972@outlook.com
Mesajı: I should be here right now.,
In this city where the war…
The reserve of strength has almost completely dried up,
The one that the Lord gave me.

I need to save the children,
From Nazi mines and rockets,
So that they can continue to grow,
Where there is no evil.

It’s scary for me to be in the enemy’s sights,
I remember my family…
And I scold myself for being weak,
And it gets harder for me.

But clutching the cross to his chest,
I felt a wave behind my back,
After all, there is always hope,
And the Lord will give you more strength.

That’s really close to my goal,
Well, let me be weak now,
I pray, saying to myself: believe!
And the victorious hour will come

We will protect the country – we will protect our children – our future

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