Bulgan Travel “Hey do you accept new customer or clients?”

Kimden: [name] [surname]
Konu: Hey do you accept new customer or clients?

İleti gövdesi:
Adınız: Dorthy Andre
Konu: Hey do you accept new customer or clients?
Telefon: (31) 9106-9133
EMail: andre.dorthy@googlemail.com
Mesajı: you’re busy — so let’s skip the small talk.
2 quick things:
1) I came across your site and LOVED how it looked!
2) I want to make you an offer that you can refuse, but I’m going to try my best to persuade you not to…
My name is Dorthy Andre, I help business owner and help deposit 2-5x more $$$s into my client’s checking accounts each month.
But the way I do it is a little different than what you’re used to…
Let me explain.
I’ll help you rank on page 1 for google for $10 – either this helps you get more clients (and you make more money) or I’ll return $10 to you, give you an extra $100 (on top), and give you a FREE SEO audit (value: $297)
Today I’m reaching out to a few people I’m confident I can generate BIG wins for and giving them the opportunity to snag up this limited time offer before it’s gone. I only take on 15 new clients a month, 13 spots are already booked, but you’re the first one on my list for the last spot.
So can I light a fire under your sales and make you MORE $$$’s?
I don’t need anything from you. I already know your target market. What makes them light up with desire. Tick. Wince in pain at 3AM. Everything.
All I need is you go to https://bit.ly/seoservice104 , click continue for the “basic”, and my partner will set you up
Then we’ll get to work to
link : https://bit.ly/seoservice104


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