Bulgan Travel “Help Refugees From Ukraine”

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Konu: Help Refugees From Ukraine

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Konu: Help Refugees From Ukraine
Telefon: 81356754687
EMail: weneedfood.ukrainians@hotmail.com
We stand with our friends and colleagues in Ukraine during this heinous assault on their freedom, their independence and their lives. We are actively supporting our resilient team and are doing what we can to insure their safety through this charity foundation to assist the ongoing REFUGEE crisis. Almost 1.6 million people have already fled Ukraine. Up to 10 million people are expected whiles children , mothers continue to die and get caught up in bomb blast with building collapsing whiles seeking refuge in the underground bonkers. We help on site and offer those seeking help accommodation throughout Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Norway, Belgium as well as other major refugee free zones and countries within the EU. These accommodations can be used free of charge, you will receive everything you need from us – because often the families only have 1-2 bags with personal items.To support Ukraine in their time of need we kindly ask the general public to assist UKRAINE with your donations of good faith. We are currently receiving donations via the below BITCOIN address wallet

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